Ruhuna Zoology Alumni

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Our Mission

To stay connected with Alma mater and become a part of the glorious history of the Department of Zoology.


  • To provide a platform for Zoology (major) alumni graduated from Department of Zoology, University of Ruhuna to maintain a link to the Department
  • To provide a formal online space at the department webpage enabling Zoology alumni to have a socially binding relationship with the Department of Zoology, University of Ruhuna as well as amongst themselves.
  • To promote the interest of the Ruhuna Zoology Alumni in the affairs of Department of Zoology and the University of Ruhuna.


There are dozens of ways for Ruhuna Zoology alumni to continue their lifelong connection to University of Ruhuna!

Stay connected with former batch mates, faculty, staff, alumni events, programs and more.

Dr. W.A.H.P Guruge

SS 01 (1990)

(First Zoology Special Alumnus)

Live on to continue the legacy of chasing dreams.

Shailina Jain –

Miss. R.A.I. Pinipa

SC/2015/9315 (2020)

(Last Zoology Special Alumna by 2020)

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